Beta Readers

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Hi, I am Silvia, owner of this page. Thanks for stopping by and checking my services out! I have been a reader since I can remember. I love nothing more than getting lost in a really great book and living the lives of the characters. I feel a great novel can carry on in the lives of the reader; be it a great quote, the characters’ personality, or even similar life situations of a book. I am always open to trying new genres out, and I don’t discriminate against any! My favorite genres are NA, romance, comedy, thriller, mystery, horror, and chick-lit. I have read some really great PNR, YA, and historical fiction lately that is really drawing me into that genre as well.”

“My name is Kate. I have a degree in English Language and Literature and years of experience in proofreading and editing academic writing, from secondary level to University theses. More recently, I have been editing manuscripts for Indie authors, which is a passion of mine.
I aim to provide a quick and efficient service, with clear communication.”

“I’m a freelance proofreader and copy editor. I have worked in the marketing industry for over 20 years.  During that time, my duties included proofreading, art creation, and editing. I love the creative process from beginning to end and take pride in playing a part in the end result of a great product. I also love reading a good story. It gives me an escape from the reality of the here and now. Who doesn’t love a little vacation from reality?! I enjoy the romance, contemporary romance, erotica, mystery, crime, comedy, humor, thriller, paranormal, and fantasy genres.  Throw in a biography here and there, depending on the subject of the biography. Being an artist myself, I appreciate the time, effort, and hard work put into your creation.”

“I have six years of experience in both amateur and professional blogging, promotion and advertising. It’s my hope to use my experience to help you increase your presence online as well as enhance it, thus giving you the opportunity to build your audience and readership. It never helps to have a little help when you are getting started or in those times when you feel as if things have stalled.”  

“An author’s assistant is familiar with current social media trends and has entrepreneur characteristics. My earlier work and non-profit experience have given me the tools to provide organized services and recognize ways to promote your brand. As a blog owner and reviewer, I have gained invaluable knowledge in approaching and reaching target audiences and reviewers. I am passionate about the written word and take pleasure in uplifting authors. Let me “caffeinate” your life, freeing you to pursue your passion.”