Random Acronym’s along with some used within adult BDSM books:

BDSM: Bondage & Discipline, Domination & Submission,Sadism & Masochism (Click for BDSM terms)

BFF:Best Friend Forever (gooey gush)

DNF: Did Not Finish (book)

BTW: By The Way

DP: Double Penetration

GR: Goodreads

TBR: To Be Read

HEA: Happy Ever After

CBT: Cock & Ball Torture

LGBT (or GLBT): lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender.

IDC: I Don’t Care

IDK: I Don’t Know

IKR: I know Right?

IMO: In My Opinion

FAQ: Frequently Asked Question(s)

LMAO: Laugh(ing) My Ass Off

NSFW: Not Safe For Work (may contain nudity or risqué content)

OTK: Over The Knee (Spanking)

PNR: Paranormal Romance (book genre)

D/s: Dominant/ submissive

M/s: Master/ slave

DD: DaddyDom

RP: Role Play

TPE: Total Power Exchange

MSWL: Manuscript Wish List.


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