a1e5c2d8b555e7afe1f1d19cb70adee3This site is strictly for a mature audience only

I’m not actively looking to receive ARC’s and novels to review. There’s no harm in asking – I won’t be rude – but I may not have time to respond either. Please don’t take offense if I decline.

With time mostly spent on education courses, I’m blogging with the focus being on my own WIP’s and books that I can’t help but talk about.

Books reviewed/ discussed will be those I’ve bought myself (unless stated otherwise) & will include the tags:

Romance | PNR |UF/ Fantasy |Contemporary Romance | Historical | Dark | BDSM | YA/NA | & recently to my surprise: Sci Fi!

This doesn’t always mean I’ll write a review, but I’m constantly going crazy talking about a current read on Twitter, or on Goodreads.

If you need to reach me, please email: RoseHart@outlook.com or give me a nudge on Twitter.



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