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Nightmare Rising by Cari Silverwood & Nicolette Hugo now available on AMAZON


There’s more than one way to end the world, Zara, the street-smart nobody girl, discovers.

Our nightmares and dreams have torn their way into our real world and they yearn to be inside us, where they can bask in the immoralities of our flesh.
Zara has always hidden from danger, until the day she’s possessed by the remnants of a woman called the Cucitrice.
The street-smart nobody girl is now the girl with paranormal powers and the knife that stitches nightmares and dreams into skin. She sets out on a path of vengeance. Valor, badass, gun-toting CIA agent – tags along with her and they become lovers.
But inside Valor is the Nightmare King.
The Nightmare King wants the knife, he wants Zara, and he wants out.
And as he would say: You can’t make an omelette without killing someone.
Two lovers with enemies inside them – if they can survive, maybe they can save us all.
If you don’t know where dark romance can go, this might not be the book for you.

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  • Series: The Nightmare Trilogy #1
  • Published: 14th September, 2017
  • Purchase: Amazon
  • Reviewed: 14th September, 2017
  • Tags: Urban Fantasy | Erotica | PNR | Dark | Mythical elements | Horror
  • Recommended to: Fans dark erotic Urban Fantasy
  • Content warning: Graphic violence/ sex
  • Overall Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Note after the last page: Damnnn! It began with an intense scene, then finished with an equally dark, intense one too! The Nightmare King is one sadistic piece of work. 

First off, let me say that I love the cover, it really sets the tone, and what a hotty!🔥

There’s a tear in the rift, meaning dream and nightmare creatures have bled into the IMG_7764world of humans, and it’s not pretty. The story begins with the Prologue set in 1862 and we’re introduced to carnage straight away, in the form of a single being: The Nightmare King. He’s ruthless straight off the bat. My jaw would have hit the deck if it wasn’t for a certain act making my lips press tightly together! 

Fast forward, and we’re introduced to the two MC’s, Val & Zara. At the wrong place at the wrong time, they take on hosts: The Cucitrice slips into Zara, and the Nightmare King haunts Val. While Zara has full control, Val’s begins to slip.

Figuring they’re best off sticking together for different reasons, they set off as partners even though those that possess them are enemies. It’s a given it’s not going to be all smooth sailing.

tumblr_m3p7zjpGHw1qbntpfo1_500The characters are vivid, some terrifying, some courageous, some hot, some funny.

You’re rooting for the duo, Val the gun-toting Government agent, and Zara, the knife-wielding heroine. Not only do they have to contend with actual nightmares (a tentacled creature, a Jorōgumo, for example), Zara’s hunting her stalker serial killer! For those reasons, you know she has to have some balls, and she does. And you know there has to be suspense, and there is. 

From the get-go you follow them from one bad situation to the next, the locations stuff of nightmares and well described. The main point for me that kept me gripped was wondering how it would end. You know the writing tip: Put your character in a situation impossible to get out of. Then get them out of it? Well, Nightmare Rising has the two leads up shit-creek without a paddle. There’s a constant nervous undertone of the chance that Val may lose control to the Nightmare King within him. Of Zara not being able to see the nightmare creatures constantly gunning for her. Of how the two mortals are going to resume normality and lose those that have possessed them. 

Then there are the hot scenes. Damn, get a girl a straitjacket.😼

The chemistry and back & 17950717forth fight for control is as entertaining as ever, and puts this book on my ‘Best Alpha males’ shelf on Goodreads thanks to Val. As with all of Cari’s books, the sex isn’t slow, flowery or without its daring edge, so if reading about a knife near your girly parts makes you want to vomit in your mouth… don’t pick this up. Or pick it up and step out of your comfort zone & tweet me so I can laugh along with your holy-shit moments.

The ending? Well, there’s a reason ‘Trilogy’ accompanies the description.

I enjoyed this and am looking forward to finding out what becomes of Val and Zara, plus the Cucitrice and bad-to-the-soul Nightmare King. It’s kick-started an exciting Urban Fantasy world that could be endless with the opportunity of different horrors.

I’m already a fan of Cari Silverwood’s books and will pick them up even without reading the Synopsis, knowing I’ll be taken on a wild ride. It is, however, the first time I have read anything by Nicolette Hugo, and it’s urged me to look at more of her titles. 

Recommended for fans of Dark fantasy books that include elements of horror and throat-gripping sex.



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From watching humans, he_d learned hope never grew as strong or as fast as fear did.

From watching humans, he_d learned hope never grew as strong or as fast as fear did. (1)


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