New release! Acquired Possession (7)

  • Author: Cari Silverwood
  • Series: The Machinery of Desire #1
  • Published: 26th July , 2017
  • Purchase: Amazon
  • Reviewed: 26th July, 2017
  • Tags: Sci-Fi | Erotica | Fantasy | Exhibitionism | BDSM | Romance | Captivity
  • Recommended to: Dark Fic lovers, and those that enjoy Sci-Fi erotica
  • Content warning: BDSM | Needleplay | Sexual activity
  • Overall Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Note after the last page: Aww!

Blurb: The night she is taken Emery is reading emails in bed.

Aerthe, another world, the world of the Swathe, the moving cities of the Mekkers.

Blind on arrival and naked.
No one touches her until the Mekkers decide humans aren’t people, and therefore can be bought and traded.
The journey through the portal alters humans, shines them all pretty. Humans glimmer.
Emery’s bright hair and nails will forever mark her as an alien.
Her freedom is gone. Though her sight returns, she becomes a possession of House Oren.
But someone else wants to own her.
The House Master, Mako, a man who uses whips and canes like most people use a knife – daily, with efficiency and casualness.

She vows to never give in.

Banned from marrying. Banned from playing too intimately with the house possessions, Mako holds himself back.
He mustn’t.
His job is to punish, to control, to keep the House in order.
But when Emery runs and takes with her a most dangerous war machine, one not seen since the Last Days of the War…
Mako is the man they turn to.

To chase her down.
To bring her back, lamed, dead, or mostly alive.
She might, possibly, be in big trouble.

Inspired by the slaveworld Gor series by John Norman.

Warning: This is a dark erotic story. If you don’t understand where dark stories can go, this might not be for you.

Emery is no longer on Earth, but the world of Aerthe, of the Swathe. A slave of the Mekkers and used for the precious Factor H her bodily fluids contain. Fortunately, (or unfortunately) ‘Blood from unfucked humans is at a premium’, so she’s safe from that. Emery is owned by Basteer, but controlled and punished by his appointed House Master, Mako.

'The unobtainable always looked juicier.'

Mako becomes torn between the need to punish her harder, since she reminds him of his lost love, or stay away. He is the sadistic dominant with exceptional control at times. The suspense that surrounds him is constant, will he break the rules and have sex with Emery? Will he punish her too roughly? Will he abandon trying to keep her in line?… And I could ask more questions but they’d have ‘Spoiler’ written all over them. 

Emery, aka Slave Twelve of House Oren, is a great character, so strong! Her mind is always ticking over, always thinking of ways to escape, ways to handle each situation she’s faced with. It made the ending all the sweeter. She comes full-circle, and the way she does it stays true to her character; every action has a force and thought behind it.


And the wit in this gave some laugh-out-loud moments, particularly her teaching the other slaves that addressing someone as ‘bastard’ meant they admired them, that Mako loved it.😂

And during a punishment: ‘she couldn’t help herself –she full-on smiled. Fuck them. Pussies. How many left? Five.’  Brattiness at its finest that surely has its comeuppance? 😁

This book wasn’t as dark as the Dark Hearts series, but still had the elements of heartache and sadness, positions of powerlessness, and danger. It was Romance. Sweeter! In a different way.

There’s a perfect combination of character development, and plot, to drive the pace, with neither being the dominant force. They’re balanced out perfectly and I found I was just as absorbed in the characters’ journeys, as I was the fascinating world of Aerthe. The latter has endless possibilities for some more cracking stories, and I can’t wait to read more. Sawyer (former soldier in the SAS), and amongst the captives taken with Emery, is next! 

*Special mention for Mammoth and JI-mech, for being such (cute) vivid, important characters.  

Unforgettable. Recommended for Dark Fic lovers, and those that enjoy erotic Sci-Fi

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'She slipped off the bench to her knees and the other slaves did the same. Leaves falling from the tree.'

‘She had to be a mouse before she could be a lioness again.’

‘Best to remember some pets could never be tamed.’

‘When your tears or your spit could save a life, you were no longer valued as merely a person –you were a magic bag of medicine.’

‘The sun-mad ones are the ones assimilating true intelligence.’


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