📕 Review: Wicked Weapon


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  • Author: Cari Silverwood 
  • Series: Dark Hearts #2
  • Published: April 2nd 2016
  • Purchase: Amazon
  • Reviewed: 21st July, 2017
  • Tags: Dark | Horror | Erotica | Fantasy | Paranormal | Menage | Suspense | UF | BDSM
  • Recommended to: Fans of Dark Erotica Lit | A paranormal edge to Dark Erotica
  • Content warning: Graphic Violence | Graphic sex | TPE
  • Overall Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Note after the last page: Holy shit, how the hell is this one going to be topped!


‘Fuck all the mesmers.’

I believe my Tweet not long after I started this book was: ‘The knife! There was me cozying down to read, expecting a steady start, & bam! heart racing.’

If I’ve learned anything by now, it’s that in Cari’s books there are always scenes that have your pulse picking up speed, be it in fear, excitement, or shock. With this installment, for me, it was all about the atmosphere and suspense. It was nothing short of edge-of-your-seat brilliant. I began and kept on reading until the early hours, where I then went on to immediately buy the last book in the trio, thinking it would be likely that this would be my favourite.

At the start of Wicked Weapon, Grimm, Zorie, & Mr Black (Mavros) are attacked in London. While the latter is stabbed, the first two are taken captive by Mesmers (Collectors): Zorie to be trained then sold, Grimm to potentially become a Collector since he is slowly becoming a Mesmer.

“Do this right,” Einar warned. “Or we take her away from you.”

I thought Reuben’s wicked ways (get it?) in book one were brutal, but he has nothing on Einar and Kaage. The lengths these guys go for their clients is horrifying. And the setting is a far cry from that in the first book. Zorie and the rest of the Collectibles live in rooms with no locks, that should be great news for her and her ever-growing ability to fight back against Mesmers, right? No, the place is a fun-house (mansion) on acid. You think she’s making way to freedom, then become disorientated along with her. Did she take the stairs up or down? Are the spiders even real? Hell, is she upside down? Did I mention the butcher hook?

‘I swore revenge for this, as I had with Reuben.’ – Zorie

Like in the first book, Zorie goes through the ringer, but beneath the vulnerability is a feistiness that assures a hairpin remains her sidekick. You know she can become more if she survives, mentally and physically, and pushes back harder than ever. As her time in the training building goes on, she loses days, moments, she’s falling. Grimm is alongside her, chained so unable to escape, and he too is falling. Only, under the allure and darkness that comes with being a Mesmer.

Grimm and Mavros, delectable sadists, both with their secrets, their steady-development, and views of Zorie, often had me confused about which I disliked or championed more. (Because there were reasons) Though Grimm did have more page time with his POV in this one, and oh such beautiful lines/ quotes that softened his character.

‘Her locks were such a pure red river where they curled against the white cloth that each beat of my heart began to hurt me. I was stricken… with remorse at my response and the desire ripping through me.’ – Grimm

I truly loved this book, the start, the middle, the epic conclusion as everything came to a head 🙀  The eerie tone to the atmosphere and what seemed like constant suspense. The characters and their own personal developments, dark and light, and relationship developments. The sex scenes, the tender moments. The way the author is unflinching when it comes to creating scenarios to tempt, scare, confuse, or soften the reader. Badass. The only thing I could falter it for would be the niggle in the back of my mind that says I shouldn’t love it. But I do.

Definitely recommended to fans of dark reads with taboo twists, Urban Fantasy like settings, and unflinching of the tags above. Not recommended for squirmish chess fans. (You may look at your board differently.)

Dark Hearts Series:

*Reviews for all three go live today & so may be edited.*


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'Were we both stuck in some horror amusement park, condemned to fuck and be fucked while inside we screamed-'.png

‘I’d been lost in dream for too long. If I wasn’t careful, I’d never wake.’ – Zorie

‘These men were ravens and vultures, hyenas and carrion creatures. If I faltered they’d pick my bones clean.’ – Grimm 

‘Workplace Safety would never approve this contraption.’ – Zorie (😹)

“I’d be a cold, dead planet without you.” – Grimm

‘Her knight in cracked and bloody armor, that was me.’ – Grimm

“We call ourselves Collectors.”

‘I was an instrument thrilling to the call of the maestro, a violin waiting to be stroked.’ 

‘When a mesmer died, the default position for our minds meant we still couldn’t reveal anything of what had been done to us.’


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