📕 Review: Wicked Ways


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  • Author: Cari Silverwood
  • Series: Dark Hearts #1
  • Published:  February 1st, 2016
  • Purchase: Amazon
  • Reviewed: 21st July, 2017
  • Tags: Dark | Erotica | Fantasy | Paranormal | Menage | Suspense
  • Recommended to: Fans of Dark Erotica Lit | A paranormal edge to Dark Erotica
  • Content warning: Violence | Graphic sex | Paranormal | TPE
  • Overall Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Note after the last page: Grimm!🙀

The first book of Cari’s I read was Wolfe (Review) and I didn’t know beforehand that it was a spin off standalone from this Dark Hearts Series. It was my introduction to the world of beings that could control others with their mind, and I loved it. Same with this one.

Mesmer: Can control certain females with their mind.

A problem with stories like these, though, is that you really can’t say too much because you don’t want to spoil the impact it has for those about to pick it up. And you want them to have that shock, those twists, those holy-shit moments. So, I’ll keep the info to a minimum, not include the Blurb, and assure you it deserves the five deliciously dark stars IMO.

We have four characters:

  • Zorie: (MC) A lecturer in biology at the University of Sydney/ susceptible to Mesmers
  • Grimm: Librarian.
  • Reuben: a Mesmer.
  • Mister Black: a Mesmer. Thought to be ‘patient zero’, the one who began it all, perhaps the one spreading ‘it’.

I thought the initial hand that touched Zorie’s neck and told her to go outside (of the restaurant) would belong to the ballsy, dominant, love interest. That she was daring and going along with it. That when he said ‘I knew you were one’ he meant a submissive or something. I was wrong on all accounts. 

After one messy, sexual encounter involving more than two players, Zorie’s life is about to get all kinds of scary. 

‘When I came to the realization that this, now, was real…with my hand propped against the brickwork and sweat still cooling on my skin, heaven became Halloween.’

A Mesmer has her in his sights, and while he orders her to come to him, she fights the pull and leaves Denver. Of course, it’s not that simple and he finds her. So does another Mesmer that has been tracking her. Both want to use her for different reasons.

What unravels is a steady mix of danger, wit, sadness, hope, and sex scenes that will blow your mind. (The gun. Oh sheesh, the gun! 🙀) Quite often, I wondered if Zorie had actually gone crazy (had she?) and it was her mind playing her, terrifying her.

Imagine losing the ability to think for yourself and being in the hands of some sadistic, money-grabbing POS? Trying to go about your daily business, not knowing when that person will order you to come back to them, if they’ll let you go again, and there’s nothing you can do about it. The fear! The possibility of horrors are endless and Cari doesn’t shy away from pushing the boundaries, having Zorie in situations where you don’t know whether to curse or cry.

“You’re very, very sad. You want to die. Hear me?”

Within those moments are flickers of hope, but really, it only takes a moment for that to crumble. You’re with Zorie every step of the way and so you feel the heartbreak and injustice of it all too. There may be two individuals that are key to her freedom, but Zorie’s will to push back against the control is something that I loved, she’s no damsel. And with the potential training to become a weapon against Mesmers? Yeah, I think this is a heroine that is going to go from strength-to-strength.

I’d definitely recommend this to fans of dark erotica. Romance isn’t absent, but it isn’t the main element here. The flickers of it that do appear set the foundation for something hot brewing and one hell of a journey for the characters. I’m fascinated by this world Cari’s created, and after finishing this series, I’ll be giving ‘Wolfe’ another read.

EDIT: I have now finished the series and can tell you that it just gets better, darker, hotter, and damn well brilliant. *Reviews for all three go live today & so may be edited.*

Dark Hearts Series:


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