June Haul Round-Up!

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Let’s all agree I spend a fucking fortune on books. My name is Rose and I’m addicted to reading…

Kylie Scott:

I bought the first book in the Stage Dive series (Lick) in May, loved it, then bought Play in the first half of my June haul. Since I loved that too, I went ahead and bought the rest and the first book in Kylie Scott’s Dive Bar series😹 I’m a bit pissed off the spine of ‘Lead’ is a bit ruined, though, (my fault!) because the covers are so pretty & look gorgeous on the shelf. Anyway… Don’t be like me, just buy the whole Stage Dive series at once.

Tags: Contemporary Romance | Rockers | Humour | Adult themes🔥😼

Keri Arthur:

I’ve gone Keri Arthur crazy lately, as you’s have probably noticed. The first book/ series I read of hers was City of Light (Outcast #1) which I liked, but I absolutely LOVE the Riley Jenson Guardian series. It’s funny, full of action (both combat and sex) and every book so far has a great plot. I’m currently reading ‘Embraced By Darkness’ and it’s brilliant so far, but, Quinn is AWOL 😿 I kept reading and reading hoping he’d appear, then had a look on Goodreads and found a review that said Quinn wasn’t in this book. Gutted. Regardless, I’m reading on. (& hoping he’s in the next book. Standby for upcoming tweets).

Tags: Urban Fantasy | Action | Romance | Shifters | Vamps | Ghosts | Adult themes🔥😼

Jeaniene Frost:

I listened to the Night Huntress Series on Audible years ago and loved it so there’s no surprise I’m enjoying this series too. The next couple of books will likely be included in the July haul.

Tags: Paranormal Romance | Romance | Vamps

Stephen King:

Self-explanatory. Funny enough, I haven’t read a single (Fiction) book of his. I’m a pussy. My better-half, however, loves his work and is currently reading It. Nope. Nope. Nope. Can’t do it.

Tags: WriteTip | Memoir | Writing Advice

Tiffany Reisz:

😼 This was naughty as fuck, fearless, and oh-so-creative. It was sent to me to review, but I would have bought it anyway. I’ll admit I did a happy dance since it was signed too! If you like Kitty Thomas, Skye Warren, Cari Silverwood, etc, then you’ll enjoy this!

Tags: Fantasy | Adult | Erotica | BDSM | Romance | Taboo | Menage | 🔥😼

Brittainy C.Cherry

My Tweet after I read this said it all. My poor heart. This was SO heartbreakingly good.

Tags: Contemporary Romance | New Adult | Sad AF | Covercrush!

Ashley Jade

And my Tweet for this one… it was all kinds of fucking dammit! This story was awesome, but be warned, there’s a cliffhanger. I’m not sure when the next book is out but I’ll be buying it automatically and hoping the well-matched trio delve into a poly relationship because that would make for some epic reading.

Karen A. Miles

I haven’t read this yet, so I’ll give the Blurb:

Bubbly and down to earth Melissa Harrison is invited to go and live in Singapore with her boyfriend Rob, who has a new job there. Excited about living the expat dream, she excuses his immaturity and inattentiveness and begins the process of settling into her new life.

What she hasn’t bargained for is that Rob wants them to join the Singapore Swingers’ Club, a private wife (and husband) swapping monthly event among the expat community. Mel becomes torn between two worlds, that of her straight-up moral code versus a luxurious life of drinking, parties and… sex with strangers. When she begins to feel attraction towards Harry, one of the participants, things become even more complicated. Should she stay, or should she go?

J.J. Johns

Same with this one, I haven’t read it yet. Both were sent to me from Austin Macauley , the publishers that provided the thriller, Hourglass Heights, which had me walking up the stairs looking over my shoulder haha. Here’s the Blurb:

Izzy is at a loose end, having blown her redundancy money on travel, and finds herself desperate for another job. She drops off her CV at a prestigious London office building and, after a chance encounter with Dominic, her life changes dramatically.
Is the extremely handsome Dominic what he appears to be? Where does his fabulous wealth come from? Are his feelings for Izzy genuine? From London to Monte Carlo and the Caribbean, follow Izzy’s whirlwind romance with all its highs and lows as she follows her heart.

Regardless of the copies sent to review, I buy too many books. It’s not likely I’ll stop, though. Have you read any of these? Plan to? Scroll for more images 👇🏼

I hope you’re having a great weekend so far. Happy July!


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