June Round-Up is coming this weekend!

You guys, I’ve been seriously hunkered down editing this month. My WIP is really taking shape, I have eight chapters to get through then it’s time to look around for a book cover & some Beta Readers. The next step is the most daunting for me. So many people are so talented when it comes to creating their own book covers. Me? I’m useless! So I definitely need help.

tumblr_olj9ekjmDS1vmogt3o1_400.gifNow, about the Round-Up! I’ve read some great books this month and still haven’t managed to get through the entire haul. Which, to be fair, came in two parts… because I couldn’t stop myself clicking ‘Add to basket.’

I wish there were special deals to be had from @bookdepository when you buy in bulk every month. Actually, I shouldn’t grumble, at least there is free delivery & a bookmark each time. 

Pop back tomorrow to see pictures etc, & let me know what you all have been reading. I’m already putting some thought into July’s haul, so if you have any recommendations please let me know.

Have a great weekend!


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