#ReaderConfession Are you ready?

tumblr_o2wxuwfc6y1udh5n8o1_500Okay. I have to come clean because the Tweets & Memes are weighing down on my soul.

I dog-ear books. That’s right, you judgemental book-sniffers. I fold over the top of the page before I put the book down to sleep, or partake in other necessary, or fun 😼 adventures. I’m even going to go a step further with my truth and tell you that I also dog-ear the bottom of pages sometimes! Why? Because on that page is probably a quote I liked.

What ya gonna do about it?

See, I go back and read the mountains of books I hoard. There are an array of genres. To me, they’re like a diary of the times, I know when I look at a book on my shelf that it’s mine. It’s where my head was at in a certain stage. I can be reminded of those times. Good or bad.

33abf3bb3ba981efef260110cc5fd1cb.gifI may have learned something from it. It may have been a particular book I read on a flight to somewhere special. It may have taught me something. It may have been a book I had to read twice because it was complicated. It may have been a book that let me relax away from the sometimes hectic world. It may just have been hot as fuck!

But it’s my reading journey that’s mapped out & I can dip back into those moments anytime I like.

So there’s my #ReaderConfession. Of course, there are more to come. 😼

Do you have any?



2 thoughts on “#ReaderConfession Are you ready?

  1. I love this post! 🙂 I have books that are literally falling apart on my shelves cause they have been read so many times. Admittedly, when I buy a new book, I don’t like to see it bent or folded, that is until i start to read it, then its all cracked spines and dog-eared pages by the end. 🙂

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