Join the #BlogChain!

4,000 (1).pngI’m over the moon about hitting 4,000 followers on Twitter! It may not seem like a lot to some, but restarting a blog & social media under a pen name so i could focus on my own writing, took some time!

To mark the celebration i’m starting something i’ll call . Why? Well, i follow 4,885 people & i’m pretty sure i don’t know all of your blogs yet.

Tweet your deets to the pinned one on my page (@rose_hart_blog for those who can’t click the link) & visit the sites of the people who participate. You could find a blog that you become addicted to, writing tips that change a WIP, an author whose work rocks your world, or a poet who makes you cry. I’m looking at you Michael Faudet.

It may take some time to pick up, but join in & enjoy.

I’m looking forward to seeing an array of content! Us book-dweebs rock💪🏼



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