📕 Review: Crow by A. Zavarelli


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  • Series: Boston Underworld #1
  • Published: February 8th 2016
  • Reviewed: March 18th 2017
  • Tags: Contemporary | Dark | (Irish) Mafia/ Gangster | Feisty Heroine | Best Alpha
  • Recommended to: Fans of Mafia/Mob reads | Witty dialogue | Intense love | Action | Fighting Heroines
  • Content warning: Gun & physical Violence | Rough sex | Cursing
  • Overall Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Special mention: The music playlist for this story is everything: Well-timed, completely fitting for scenes, and just… Yes! 😼

“The thing about butterflies is they need to be admired from afar. If you touch them, they could die.”

cc3fb61df5200eca518fe22adf03e073This was included in one of my bulk-buy rampages for the Kindle app. On the one hand i’m annoyed that it took me so long to read it, on the other, i wish i could erase the memory of it and fall in love all over again.

Mack (enzie) AKA butterfly + Lach (lan) AKA Crow = One hell of an intense, comedic, sexy couple-cocktail.

Both have their reasons for crashing into each other’s worlds, both have more important things to worry about than a bump & grind. Both are intensely badass which makes for an explosive combination once melded… Brilliant.

Told from the switching POV’s of both Mack & Lach, i thought she sounded a bit arrogant at first. Mack then steps into the ring to fight and get noticed by the Irish, and taking the brief glimpse of her past and her motivation for being there, i was making a note that i actually insta-loved this feisty, strong and capable character. 

It was intense and shit was going down at every opportunity.


For me, the driving forces of the plot: Action around every corner. Where the hell was Talia, and what happened to her? Will these Armenian’s keep tipping up and causing havoc? What’s the real deal with these Russians? Both of these idiots are lying to each other, just say something! Will Lachlan hand Mack over? Because let’s face it, he’s unpredictable, dangerous, hot-headed and all about his gangsta’ life… 

Speaking of Mr Crow. This is an Alpha-badass that doesn’t stray into the over-the-top category, but also doesn’t fall into the wannabe one either. All sides are backed up with content, be it an air of authority, respect, scary, in shape/hot as hell, willing to do what he needs to for his ‘Grand-da’s’ memory, and his own future. Also, side note: his accent has been at the top of some conversations. I’m not joining the debate,

Also, side note: his accent has been at the top of some conversations. I’m not joining the debate, I’m stating outright that my accent is British mixed and I say keywords constantly, plus have friends that also have repetitive slang, ‘aye/ay’ & ‘ye’ being some of them. So personally, I found it believable. Also, the way ‘jaysus,’ is used, spelled, (and read in my head) was spot on.

The action was top notch, as was the suspense and chemistry between Mack & Lachlan. And hey, 18120416wowzers to the sex scenes. Take away their chemistry and the build-up and they wouldn’t have been as effective, obviously. I always love how quick I fall for a fictional couple’s chemistry, especially when it’s not forced. The kicker for me, and why I think this couple has become one of my fictional-faves, is because they’re both witty, alpha-types that gravitate toward one another. She’s just as possessive of him, as he is of her. She’s strong in her submission to him and you believe that if anyone spoke to her, or touched her the way Lach does, she’d beat the ever-loving shit out of them because she’s not into hearts and flowers.

Now her badassery… It’s written very well. Mack is aware of the underworld, can handle herself, has a hot-temper, and a fighter’s mind. But when faced with terrifying moments, she reacts how e199bc5374636ede0f43f34405eab020.gifyou think someone would. There are no fake-seeming hero angles with her. Nor with Lach. They don’t seem immortal if you know what I mean. They mess up, they get hurt.

It’s refreshing having an honest-to-god Alpha female and scenario’s that don’t pigeon-hole her with labels.

The other characters?

I want to know more. The author dripped snippets of potential storylines for different people, by the end, there were numerous puddles I wanted to dive into! Throughout reading, I found myself saying, oo they should have their own book, they clearly have chemistry, omg imagine if they got together (specifically, oo imagine if he goes and saves her! If you read this, you’ll know who I mean). 

Creating this whilst only in the heads of two characters is fantastic and I’m really looking forward to the other books in the series. 

Now, Crow isn’t as dark as some of the books I’ve read, but it does have the label for a reason. There’s the topic of human trafficking, violence, and all the marks of an underground mob operation. Or multiple. I like mob/ mafia themed reads, but I don’t go out of my way to seek them out, I think those that love those kinds of stories will just love this. It was annoying in the good, suspenseful way.

Definitely recommended. If you pick it up, let me know what you think, either here or on Twitter. Have a great weekend!

“Feeling shy, sweetheart?” his fingers skim down my throat, making me shiver.

“Not at all,” I lie.


More quotes:

He makes me feel like a princess and a dirty little slut.

“He told me not to cry, so I didn’t. He told me not to care about anyone, so I didn’t. I squashed it all down and locked it up deep inside of me..png

This is the moment I realize that our traumas never really go away..png


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