WIP Update

6d2980ee0f6702dba64821f27087e743.jpgAs you know, i’m at the editing stage for my WIP. With past projects, i’d write, read over it again, edit, then if there was enough time, carry on. This swallowed too much time, and frankly sometimes, the passion for the story.

With this WIP, i just wrote and then turned to editing when it was finished. This has worked so much better for me!

When i originally started, it was the case of jotting an idea down and letting it unravel on its own. Somehow from that, a world and its characters has the ability to branch off into all different stories!

I finished the first edit of my draft, and then found myself writing the second book, which centres around another character, but continues on the storyline of the first. It’s in no way finished, in fact, i’m leaving it where it is, because whilst writing that i figured that each of the men within the first story deserve one of their own. I spent some time putting a structure together for a series & jotted the first thing that came to mind for its name: Blaze Manor Brothers. That doesn’t exactly have the wow factor, but it’s a label i can refer to for now.

This idea has turned out completely different to what i expected and i’m excited! The only problem when this occurs is the want, no, the need, to just write, write, write! But real life is there. It’s there with its responsibilities all up in my fucking face.

‘Adulting’ just isn’t what i’d hoped it would be lol.

Will update again soon 😽



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