📕Review: Wolfe by Cari Silverwood

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  • Published: September 21st 2016
  • Reviewed: February 18th 2017
  • Tags: Dark Erotica | BDSM | Paranormal | Mystery | Suspense | Romance | Dom/sub | Subspace | Best Alpha-types
  • Recommended to: Dark lit fans | Those seeking a shock-factor | BDSM community interested in reads with a paranormal hint | Sadists/ Masochists
  • Content warning: Captivity | Violence | Brutality | Sex | BDSM | Dubious consent | TPE
  • Overall Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Before I start.

The scene. That scene.

When/if you read Wolfe, you’ll remember me writing that, because you’ll know exactly what I mean. I want to emphasise, even a little bit, but I can’t because any-which-way I go talking about it will ruin the experience. If you cringe and put the book down to step away for a moment at a specific bit, Tweet me so I can have an ‘OMG’ with you. 😹

This is the first book I’ve read by Cari Silverwood, but apparently the character ‘Wolfe’ has been in another story… (Dark Hearts Series) I didn’t know this before now! It doesn’t take away from this book whatsoever though, so don’t worry. If anything, perhaps it added an extra bdsmmr-ISpitonYourGrave-SarahButler-02.jpglayer of mystery to who this man was who had awoken with pain from serious injuries, amnesia, and confusion.

He has to relearn how to walk and talk again all whilst under the surveillance of a nurse who is also an undercover spy: although she’s not some combat-experienced spy, she’s backed into a corner to get information or her family suffers.

Under orders she abducts him. He had medication there that kept his powers and inner-animal at bay.  Do you see where I’m going with this? The top line of the blurb on Goodreads is:

‘Beauty and the Beast as it’s never been told.’

Only, you can’t possibly think of what’s about to happen. I tried, I always do, but this caught me off guard. I haven’t walked away from a book in a while, but I did with this. Still, I finished it in record time because my sadistic ass walked back and blazed through the pages like the demonic masochist I think I may be.

evil dead cellar.gif

My reaction to the characters was quite interesting for me. Wolfe is gentle and polite at first, hitting unbelievable milestones in his recovery. As the medication wears off and their journey progresses he has bouts of becoming a scary motherfucker. With this character, there is always an underlining danger of him losing complete control and killing Kiara. I thought this was written brilliantly. How far can you push before it becomes monotonous or it’s game over? The flashes of his two Jekyll & Hyde sides continue to develop his character right up until the end, with a perfect combination of vulnerability and flaws. You can’t help hate-love him. And wait, those sex scenes whilst he’s in ‘beast’ mode? They are hot and not the standard BDSM scenes we see often.

dc217ebcab0c46eb0c511fb7aca9310aKiara progressed steadily too. Calm and accepting in dire situations at first, I did wonder if someone would react the way she did. What takes the focus off that is her inability to do anything about her predicament. Had she not been under Wolfe’s control this story would have buckled like a subs legs getting off a St Andrew’s Cross after a significant Play.

As the plot pushed her through, it was refreshing to read a character accepting of their desires without torturing themselves continuously! I can’t stress the content warning enough though, Kiara goes through the ringer, physically and mentally.

ScaryMoviesWoods_EvilDeadcabin.jpgFor me, the icing on the well-made cake with Wolfe isn’t just the suspense, it’s the atmosphere. The environment. The setting. No typical mansion or dungeon. The duo was on the road and then an isolated cabin deep in the woods. It’ll make you look twice at a cabin you may drive by and have you wondering what and who exactly is inside.

Of all the books I’ve read within my February book haul, this review has come to me easiest because I simply can’t forget the story and the scenes. It’s dark, hot, sometimes uncomfortable, and it’s given me another author’s work to keep an eye out for when I need a shake-up. I’m so glad I bought the paperback randomly, now it sits pretty among equally dark and delicious tales.

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