📕Review: The Pawn


  • Author: Skye Warren
  • Published: December 6th 2016
  • Reviewed: January 4th 2017
  • Tags: Romance | Erotica | Contemporary | Dark
  • Series | Standalone: Endgame #1
  • Recommended to: Those interested in trying out Dark Erotic Romance
  • Avoid if: You prefer your romances fluffy and lighthearted.
  • Overall Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

‘The heart is the cruelest enemy of all.’ -Pg 279

Okay, lets kick off this review with me saying how relieved i was that protagonist Avery wasn’t the constant damsel in distress. She wasn’t kick-ass, but she was feisty enough and it created a little give and take in the scenarios with the hunk of the pages. 

The synopsis reveals the detail of Avery having to give her virginity away in order to save her house etc, so that’s no spoiler. But the question is: Does she really have to, and will she?

No spoilers here, so i’m not saying shit.

The plot moves fast, with the auction happening in the early pages and setting the foundation of a story that could go any which way. I personally don’t think the main tag this story has should be ‘Dark.’ Maybe: has-a-virginal-leg-in-the-shadows, or, dark-with-a-flashlight? I don’t know. Avery suffers more with her morals than her body or mind, and she kind of has her hand held as she does. Perhaps the dark stories i’ve read lately have made the rest look like fluffy rainbows of happiness? 

yd1jbfJustin was a pleasant surprise, I thought his character would fade to black *hums tune* but one point had me going ‘hmm’…

He gets into a property of an infamous, rich, badass no problem. That’s doable to a degree, okay, but with a ladder? That pushed it into a really? moment.

Notable characters are revealed which i hoped would have had more ‘page’ time – two in particular could have really pushed the story deeper into the dark territory. Their presence instantly gave an eery feel, so i wanted them around more, perhaps it would have gave a challenging climax for the protagonist. Because after pace and build up, the ending was an anticlimactic letdown in a way. It’s almost like the full story is cut in half and the next book is where the other half lives with the real ending. But there you go, that’s what creates a series you want to keep reading, right? 


In saying that, why would i want more characters to create something one did all on his own to a certain degree. Gabriel’s a brooding, powerful alpha male and  Bad, but endearing in a mysterious way.

One stand-out thing for me with The Pawn is just how fast the chemistry between Avery and Gabriel was built. Like, kudos. I genuinely finished it and wondered how i’d been sucked into believing it so fast! Without any forceful ‘he’s hot, she’s hot’ obvious push to make me believe, i was made to feel. It was interesting and clever and man were the sexual scenes hot.

Among many things, snippets of the dealings both of their father’s were in leave for more explanation and secrets revealed. As does the question of Gabriel’s involvement of Avery’s fathers court case. I knocked a few stars off for the things mentioned, but I’m still conflicted because despite anything -I liked it! It was light, sexy and I read it in a day, which has to prove it gripped me enough. I’m definitely going to read book two in the series to see how things turn out. I’m hoping for more dangerous situations for Avery. I know, how very sadistic of me.

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