📕Review: Whispers & the ROARS


  • Author: K. Webster
  • Published: December 6th, 2016
    • Reviewed: 3rd February 2017
  • Tags: Dark | Contemporary | Sociology
  • Series | Standalone
  • Recommended to: Fans of Dark Fiction at the severity end of the scale.
  • Avoid if: Abuse in Dark Lit offends.
  • Overall Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

At the top of the synopsis on Goodreads:


 I listened. Heck, that’s why I bought it. That, along with the shelf tags on Goodreads.

Can I just give kudos to reviewers on Goodreads, nobody spoiled it for me and the reviews at the top of the page where I couldn’t miss glancing at them were just as mysterious as the blurb. I love going into dark reads knowing they could potentially shock the shit out of me.

As the quote indicates, you really have to go into this blind, so there are no spoilers in this ‘review’ it’s just my initial reaction and it’s perhaps the most basic one I’ve written yet & no doubt jumbled up! I’m not even including quotes like I usually do. No spoilers, no analysing the plot or breaking down the characters. Here are bullet points on my thoughts/ feelings with a final conclusion: 

  • Okay, let’s see what we’re dealing with here.
  • Oh no. Put it down. Just put.it.down. 3bbd06ae78ed362c05fa232a6700b46f
  • I don’t want to know. Walk away, Rose. Walk away. 
  • I have to know
  • What the hell is happening?
  • Okay, I know the twist. Right? 
  • These characters are so vivid! I love them. I hate them.
  • Poor girl. 
  • What the hell is happening?
  • I bet it’s this…
  • Confusion. Horror. Confusion. Sadness.
  • Could it be… Really? 
  • Bones!
  • Confusion. Horror. Sadness
  • Twisting like a mother-fucking tornado.47875504852649eaec0be0d309ed216f
  • Oh man, my heart’s heavy.
  • Aha!
  • Oh.
  • Oh shit.
  • I don’t know which theory would have been worse. 
  • Sympathy. Sadness.
  • Horror. 
  • A smidgen of relief. 
  • Angst.
  • Oh for fuck sake.
  • ‘I’m in a glass case of emotion’
  • Ah!
  • Emotionally exhausted.
  • Mind-Blown.
  • Shit, it’s 5am.
  • Mind-Blown.641bf50b499722c8d8a6fcf4ccc9b797
  • Today will be sponsored by coffee.

When I read/rate dark fiction, I’m not quiet when voicing my admiration for the author’s ability to let their minds go to scary places and really explore the often-troubled psyche of the character’s they create. 

I want to thank K.Webster for creating a work of fiction that I finished reading saying that I probably won’t ever pick it up again (that’s a compliment). But I will never have to. It’s going to stay with me. The characters are going to stay with me, and some I’ll let stay, some I’ll banish from memory if I can.

I’ve read dark books that have played on my emotions, but this pushed me way past a different kind of sadness and into near sobs. 

You’ll love it or hate it. Or both. But it’ll sure as hell evoke a strong reaction and that’s why I’ve given it five stars.



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