February 2017 Book Haul!


First of all, let’s talk about covers. Any stars for the Covercrush award within this haul? Yes. Milk & Honey. You know i loves me a simplistic, yet eye-catching, cover and this one has it. Christine Feehan’s Mind Game is meh. I know the author’s work and enjoy it. If i didn’t, i’m not sure i would have picked this up if i saw it in a store. I have to be fair though, this was released in 2004, i can’t remember what was ‘in’ then. Fire After Dark is simple and something i would choose, but i feel this theme is being overdone. It has a pretty pink circle with the words ‘Did Fifty Shades of Grey leave you wanting more?’ And i just have to mention something…

I re-read an old favourite the other day, Thoughtless by S.C.Stephens. When i looked on the back i saw a quote i must have missed when i bought it: ‘If you loved Fifty Shades, then this is right up your street.’ Guys no. Thoughtless is nothing like Fifty Shades. At. All. So whose to say F.A.D is anything like FSOG? And is that what everyone still wants?

Onto Whispers and the Roars. It’s nice. No, not nice, ominous. I don’t think i’d care either way to be honest because this is the first line of the blurb on Goodreads:


That, along with the tags: Dark | Suspense | Romance | Sociology, sold me.

Orphan X and Detonator are the standard Thriller covers that you expect with the synopsis’, but i did rant on Twitter earlier about Orphan X’s, because there was a sticker on it that i couldn’t get off lol. No biggy.


Now, the others. You’ve probably noticed already that eye-candy on book covers is alive and kicking more than ever —Vicious by L.J.Shen, the King series by T.M.Frazier (hello Lawless cover guy!) Hard and Reckless by Victoria Ashley, to name a few– so it’s only fair that everyone step up their game with hotties, and these have. Who on earth is the guy on EGOmaniac? Wowzers. The font/sizing of font, colouring, simplicity, everything is just a standout for me.

Standard smart guy on Mr President, i wouldn’t expect anything less lol. Scent of Salvation is about shifters so a feral-looking, handsome man like this just fits perfectly. Wolfe just ties in with the blurb so well it’s ridiculous, i’m really looking forward to starting this.

A list of all these books & their genre’s etc, are at the bottom of this post, along with links to them on Goodreads (opens in new tab) incase you want to add them to your TBR list.  


Unfortunately, the very book i was dying to rip open & devour didn’t arrive with this lot, King by T.M. Frazier. I’m also expecting Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs which is the second book in the Mercy Thompson series.


New books on my Kindle app are stocking up now.

I’m really not a fan of reading on devices so they always fall on the back-foot.

It’s a shame really, i feel like good ones get lost. I did start reading Black Swan Affair yesterday, but it’s going to take a backseat to one of these beauties for now.

I’ll most likely start Egomaniac tonight, i think… No, Wolfe. Whispers and the Roars?

I can’t decide! If there’s one here that you think i must start asap –let me know!

Just a heads up for Author’s, publisher’s, Blog Tour organisers etc: i’m not actively looking to receive ARC’s and novels to review. This new blog isn’t like my last one where i’m active in taking part in Tours and promo’s. I may do a post here or there, so there’s no harm in asking. Mostly, i just don’t have the time and the time i do have, i’m editing or reading a book i’ve been looking forward to.

Going by this post you can see there’s a few! More info on my About page.


Also, i check my Rose Hart email (rosehart@outlook.com) on Thursday’s. So if i haven’t got back to you straight away, please forgive me. Give me a shout on Twitter if it’s something i need to see ASAP as i’m always on that.

EgoManiac – Vi Keeland (Published January 16th 2017 | Contemporary Romance)

Whispers & the Roars – K Webster (Published December 6th 2016 | Dark | Romance)

Mr President – Katy Evans (Published October 31st 2016 | Contemporary Romance)

Wolfe – Cari Silverwood (Published September 21st 2016 | Dark | Paranormal | BDSM)

Orphan X – Gregg Hurwitz (Published January 19th 2016 | Thriller | Mystery)

Detonator – Andy McNab (Published October 22nd 2015 | Thriller)

Milk & Honey – Rupi Kaur (Published November 4th 2014 | Poetry)

Scent of Salvation – Annie Nicholas (Published July 30th 2013 | Paranormal Romance)

Fire After Dark – Sadie Matthews (Published July 26th 2012 | Erotic Romance | BDSM)

Mind Game – Christine Feehan (Published July 27th 2004 | Paranormal Romance)

Have you read any of the books mentioned?

Loathed or loved? Let me know here or on Instagram / Twitter.



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