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“I absolutely loved this novel. I can’t even remember how many times I giggled aloud or went “omg!” This book grabs you and pulls you straight into its sexy, thrilling world and I found myself reading until I finished. I don’t want it to be over. I need to know what happens next!!! It’s so worth the read!! 😍😍😍”  -Amazon reviewer.

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Teric wasn’t even joking. He walked her directly to his ship, boarded, and didn’t stop until he was in his private quarters. Specifically, his private cleansing room. The large man set her grimly on her feet.
Rose stared at him dumbfounded. He was a man on a mission. His huge pewter-colored hands quickly pulled off her clothing and he pressed her into a tiny enclosed area. Warm steam spewed forth from every direction, saturating her body. He handed her a large sponge-like pod with lots of tiny protruding tentacles. It smelled slightly antiseptic.

“Please wash yourself. I do not know what they did to you but you carry a strange odor. It may be harmful to your skin.”

Rose rubbed the strange sponge over her skin and through her hair.

“I’m filthy to be sure, but the chemical odor isn’t dangerous. They kept me locked in a dark closet with cleaning products.”
“Barbarians. You were locked away this whole time? How could they…”

Turning to gather up a small throw, he made a frustrated trilling noise. “It does not matter. You are here, safe, and from this moment forward, you are mine.”
Rose rolled her eyes at his overt display of possessiveness. “You’ve got that the wrong way around. I’m not yours, you’re mine.”

His head came up and he pinned her with a ruthlessly possessive gaze. “You would dare lay claim to me?”

“Yep. Why? Is that not allowed? I thought that’s how things worked on your world.”

Looking away, he spoke quietly. “You are correct. I never thought myself worthy of being claimed. It is… a great honor to be chosen by such a courageous and beautiful female.”

“Aww, you say the sweetest things.”

“I will enjoy every moment you gift to me.”

Stepping out of the cleansing unit and into his waiting wrap, she mused aloud. “What does that even mean? If we fall in love, it’s for keeps. You know that, right?” 

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In a dystopian future where humans have foolishly squandered Earth’s natural resources, the few remaining people are becoming desperate. Crowded in huge underground cities, they’ve finally come to the end of the line and they must decide whether or not they will trade the only valuable resource Earth has left… Women.

Being the daughter of a wealthy diplomat, Rose is blissfully ignorant of how the less fortunate live. Desperate to escape to a planet where she can enjoy the sun on her face and swim in clear unpolluted oceans, she vows to make herself the first bride to be mated to off-worlders.

When the Krylon delegation arrives, she realizes that in addition to being good stewards of their planet, eager for female companionship, and polite to a fault, the Krylon males are also drop dead gorgeous. Unfortunately, Earth’s population is vehemently opposed to the galactic mate’s treaty… will Rose and her soon to be Alien Husband be able to make their escape from Earth?

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Fire Princess by C.J. Scarlett


A1ZwWwU1eYL._UX250_.jpgAuthor Spotlight:

As a mother of 16 cats and 1 very kooky dog, I am a writer with an incredible support team! As you can imagine, living with my fur family on 5 acres in rural southwest Washington there is never a dull moment. I enjoy taking the scenery, the wildlife, the weather, the adventures and turning them into my literary expose. Each element of my life is lived out in my romantic fiction.

I believe in each writer there is a fantasy thrashing it’s way out in every life circumstance. Releasing that inner animal is what I live my life for. It goes without saying that there’s always a happily-ever-after for my characters, even if there are a few road bumps along the way.

I thank you for joining me in this incredible journey of fun and love during it’s most adventure seeking antics.

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