I’m at 41% and i want to share the note i wrote not long after i started reading this:

‘Fucking hell. You’re thrown straight into carnage with this one, folks. 18% in and i’m thinking she’s screwed… this is not ending well.’

This is a good find. Surprisingly i’ve never read anything by Pepper Winters before, although i have had Tears of Tess on my Goodreads TBR list for a while. I stumbled upon Pennies whilst searching for new releases, as the second book in this series has just been published. I didn’t even read the Synopsis, i scrolled for the reviews, as i usually do with these kinds of books, and the reactions made me go and buy. Lol. And for 99p you can’t grumble (Grab it here)

So far i’d recommend this if you’re into dark stories that mess with the mind and explore psychology. I’m looking forward to seeing how the author ends this.


25296512.jpg“I’m not the hero in this story, girl. You’d do best to remember that.”

At eighteen years old, I was murdered.

I wish my tale ended there.

However, my killer resuscitated me and sold me to the highest bidder, sentencing me to a world worse than Hell.

For the past two years, I’ve lived a life of torment as a man’s property. I suffer in silence and wish for freedom, but I never break.

I can’t.

I won’t.

But then he arrives.

The first stranger since I was killed.

Elder Prest, a thief with a heart as black as his soul, arrives as a guest in our twisted home. He has business with my owner, but his interest lies in me. He pretends not to notice my bruises and hides his knowledge of what I am, but the way he watches me makes me feel more human than possession.

As his eyes tear through my walls and his voice demands answers, he challenges my owner for one night with me.

I’ve survived two years of torment because I no longer believe in hope, but Elder is the only man who promises me pleasure instead of pain.

Trusting him is dangerous, wanting him is deadly.

Is he my ticket to safety or my ultimate end?

Whoever he is, whatever he wants…I can’t say no.



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