📕Review: Dark Lover



  • Author: J.R. Ward
  • Published: June 9th 2011
  • Reviewed: September 6th 2005
  • Tags: Paranormal Romance | Vampires | Urban Fantasy
  • Series | Standalone: Black Dagger Brotherhood #1
  • Recommended to: Fans of Vamps, warriors, numerous Alpha’s
  • Overall Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



Oh deary me. This is a copy/ paste job from Goodreads -i reviewed this back in 2011 on my old blog. Does anyone else cringe when they read their old reviews? Well it’s about to begin for me. I’m going to have to give this sucka some commentary… in red!


Dark Lover by author J.R Ward (Who has also written as Jessica Bird) is the exciting first installment in the addictive ‘Black Dagger Brotherhood’ series.
Published way back in September 2005, I only managed to get my hands on it at the beginning of the year (2011) after discovering it whilst browsing on Amazon.

Tags: Paranormal Romance, Vamps, Fantasy

So what’s it about?

Set in Caldwell, New York, a battle is happening in the shadows between two races, vampires and their slayers ‘The Lessers’.

The Lessers are no stereotypical bunch of slayers (scrap the Buffy image) they’re humans sought out for their evil nature and then stripped of their souls- making them into something worse.

Their sole mission -given by, I’ll not mention who- is to wipe out the existence of the vampires and anyone who gets in their way. The only defence to the vampire’s race is the Black Dagger Brotherhood; a band of seven warriors, one of whom this book focuses on, Wrath.


Wrath is the only pure-blooded vampire left in the race and so, should be King. Ah, Wrath. *Smiles fondly* But his hunger for killing his enemies personally rather than ordering others to do so, take priority.
The murder of one of the brothers (this won’t come as a shock, it is this that begins the story) leaves Wrath burdened with the dead warriors half-breed adult daughter, Beth. Beth is yet to discover the vampire world -her father having kept out of her life- and is due to go through the tough survival rate of the late human-to-vampire transition.

It is left to Wrath to guide her into his world and somehow feed her his pure blood; in the best hope to save her. Wrath has this to deal with all the while contending with his romantic feelings for her and battling his enemies alongside his brothers. (Okay, i think i need to read this again. This series sparked a vamp-PNR binge-fest for a long time!)

Just another vampire tale?

Absolutely not. Well it kinda is, Rose. 

Unlike other vampires you read about and see on screen, the fanged creatures aren’t the usual creepy, ominous sleeping in coffins and feeding off human’s type.

Sure, they’re menacing ( in a kind of hot way!) You can tell i tried to tone it down on the eager hot talk 😂  and kill expertly, but only their enemies. They actually survive off the blood of their own species, providing it is only from the opposite sex. Instead of ‘creating by biting’, how do they make more vampires you ask? Well they can reproduce just as humans do, but there is a high death risk for both mother and child.

The band of brothers are quite comical in how they interact with each other. I remember this fondly. I’m trying to think of the funny brother’s name, but i remember chuckling at some point during each book of the series. With this book and as you read on into the series, you find out just how deep their loyalties lie, how far they would go to protect one another and how fantastic J.R Ward is at creating in-depth character’s that you can’t help but adore.

Each leather clad fighter has their own distinct personality, mannerisms and appearance. Each brother is flawed, some cursed. This, along with discovering what music they like, their battles with their feelings etc makes it inevitable that you will find yourself relating to them in some way or another.

I had to laugh at their names at first though; Wrath, Rhage, Vishous, Tohrment, Phury and Zsadist. True story. I thought J.R Ward could have provided them something much better, but somehow the more you read the more it works- or you just don’t care. Either way it’s not a problem, or a flaw. Again. True story. 

Worth the read? Wow, i’m going on a bit aren’t i!

This book is a definite page turner; I was gripped instantly and sucked into their world. Wrath is an amazing character and one who sustains a major part throughout the series.
My better half couldn’t get any response from me in the quiet hours of the day, as I sat absorbed in J.R Ward’s vampire world. I would highly recommend it to those interested in finding a fantastic and gripping paranormal romance series. It flows nicely and is easily read. I fought with myself night after night, ordering myself to put it down and go to sleep!

This book and the rest of the series are most definitely not for the younger readers. It does contain some foul language (can’t believe i’m including this bit on this blog😂  Fuckety-fuck-fuck, okay!) few gory parts and some graphic sex scenes. (Not that graphic, more romantic/ tame erotica-ish. Still hot though.)  That being said, don’t fear that Ward is trying to cover up a weak plot with pages of sex…they are simply there because they are needed and relevant to the romance and the development. True story.

To the readers who do finish and like ‘Dark Lover’ …don’t worry that the following books in the series would be hard pushed to meet the same intense excitement as this one contains.
Each addition is fantastic and differs as they tell each brother’s story. I cannot narrow it down to one favourite among the series; i always say about three- ‘Dark Lover’ is always among them.

A fantastic start to an addictive series! Recommended.

May as well have given this review the tag: ESSAY! This, folks, is why the majority of my reviews are quite short now. I used to spend a night putting these together on top of Book Tours, ARC deadlines, when it could have been narrowed down. 

The book was good, okay? It was good.





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