“I told you they would be fun!” #amwriting

In between the chaos here today, i’ve had a moment to jot down some paragraphs. Like always, they’re unedited and will either be changed or scrapped completely at a later date. I’ve changed my method of madness: Just write, don’t edit yet. Since i began writing, i’d write and then the next time i sat to continue, i’d read through it again and edit. This takes so much time and dilutes the fun and flow for me personally!

Anyway, this scene has been one of my favourites to write. Surprising really, since i’m not exactly into gore and this goes on to include some… I guess these stories evolve on their own.

Snippets from my WIP… (Drafts)

21405442b4225e76df8773bc9e1827feThe Council exploded into laughter.

Marcus clapped, bouncing up and down on his toes, while the guards peeled me from Ethan’s grasp. Using silver chains, they bound Finn and Ethan to the heavy metal ring sticking out from the wall then dragged me up onto the stage. I looked to Oliver helplessly. He hadn’t moved an inch, his attention still completely absorbed in Joe.

Following his line of sight i watched as Joe reared back from the bloody mess. Oliver’s voice rang out as though far away, yelling for him to stop.

Hesitating, Joe circled the corpse then ignored his Alpha and sprang onto the cage holding another human.

“I told you they would be fun!” Marcus beamed.



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