When a story disappoints…

I’ve been thinking about posting this since i got a few chapters into Midnight Crossroad by Charlaine Harris (Midnight Texas Book 1) But i held off, feeling as though i was betraying one of my favourite author’s. One motto of mine is: if you’re thinking about it often, then it warrants discussion. 


I’m disappointed with Midnight Crossroad. There, i said it.

Although slightly unfair, since i haven’t finished it yet, i can’t get over how much i have had to push myself through it! It did not grip me and still doesn’t. In fact, i’ve started and finished two books in the space it has taken me to get to Pg 131 of this simply because i’ve been hesitant to pick it back up. Now that a dead body has come to light and there has been a fist-fight, it’s given the story a little push in tempo and thank fuck for that.

18107951Usually absorbed with Harris’ characters from the get-go, i haven’t been able to connect with the multiple personalities in Midnight Crossroad thus far.

It’s not over yet, i hope it’s onwards and upwards from here. Please let it be.




4 thoughts on “When a story disappoints…

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