Writing habits

ce4290a272ff973f3dff90805b17e19bI had a discussion with the hubs last night about my habits during writing. I’m not meaning schedules, prose etc I mean my actual body language whilst writing. I seem to lift my chin higher if one of my character’s do, or analyse my own wrists if i’m speaking about the wrists of a character, but most of all, my facial expressions get out of control.

Sat at my computer i put pull a thousand expressions per hour. One of the character’s i’m currently writing about has somewhat of an attitude, which she cannot hide, so here i am giving my computer dirty looks, rolling my eyes and all but giving it the finger.

To my horror, by telling the hubs, he’s decided to not leave me be as i’m writing. Instead he’se9288b8cc93bc2219f2b76c87f336561.jpg made it known that he’ll be looking over often trying to catch a glimpse of the several personalities i’m creating. I don’t know about anyone else, but i detest being stared at whilst i’m writing and if anyone comes near me or the ce09885faa0c30987bd2d0c56dc4a2ab.jpgcomputer, their eyes glancing at the screen, i have a mini melt-down. It’s no secret that writer’s can often be insecure. That’s my excuse anyway.

One other habit i’ve developed is to create a character, then cruise Pinterest for candidates that look like my character. I also pin tattoos close to the description my character has or specific eye colour and even their housing and motor vehicles etc. None of them are the exact duplicate to what my mind conjures up, but it’s nice to add to the storyboard along the way. I sure wish i could draw though!

When you’re writing and lost in the world you have created, what habits do you have?




2 thoughts on “Writing habits

  1. LOL! Yes, I’ve done the facial expressions, but only when alone, tee-hee. I also cannot stand if my husband tries to read my book in the first draft. No, no, no. Very protective of my work in its raw stages. He also likes to make every single sentence sound sexy because it’s a romance…drives me crazy. I also have book boards on Pinterest and love adding pictures of characters and scenes. I also do this on my Facebook author page, adding pics of their house or the town. Fun stuff! 🙂


    • Me either! I think my hubby has only read one or two first drafts in a LONG time of being together, & i remember squirming the entire time. I completely relate!
      Haha that’s funny.
      Will check out your Pinterest! Thanks for the comment 😊

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