Sexy Snippet Sunday #6


To take part:

Rules are gone! Just share on your blog any sexy snippet you want to, be it one from your WIP, a story you’ve just read or something from some flash fiction -anything! Just have fun with it. Use the image & link back if you like. If not? No blog police here! Just let me know because i may want yet another sexy read to add to the TBR pile.

(OR share it with me on Twitter, which is proving more popular: @RoseHartBlog)

My SS:  My snippet this week is obviously plucked from the novella that recently blew my mind and my ovaries:  Maintenance Night by Trent Evans. Find my ‘snap'(short) review here.




‘…asking her to be quiet during a spanking was like asking water to flow uphill’


I’m looking forward to reading your SS’s. Have a sexy week!💋



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