Snap review! Maintenance Night by Trent Evans

15861753.jpgMaintenance Night  by Trent Evans

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Please spank me, Sir.”

‘She tried not to think of why the searing pain transformed itself into intense, forbidden pleasure, shooting straight to her clit, making her lust for more. So much more.’


Just fire, from start to finish!

Troy & Lacey are my kinda couple. Every Friday is ‘Maintenance Night’, meaning if Lacey fucked up during the week, it was the opportunity to straighten it out. It’s not a lengthy read going into detail about their lives, it’s a punishment scene and it is perfectly written: straight to the point but balancing actions with emotions perfectly. They’re an adorable, compatible couple.

Am i the only one whose ass-cheeks clench involuntarily & mouth forms a sympathetic ‘O’ whenever a cane is introduced into play/ punishment? Ha.18223575 Anyway, the first strike occurs and it’s all uphill from there.

Recommended to lovers of short, BDSM reads, particularly Spanko fans! OR, i guess those curious/ excited about the idea of pain? Tags: Spanko, Canes, Anal, D/s, Punishment Scenes,

‘…asking her to be quiet during a spanking was like asking water to flow uphill’


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