Review – Dark Notes by Pam Godwin

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  • Published: 6th April 2016
  • Tags: Dark Erotica, Romance, Teacher/student, BDSM, D/s, 
  • Recommended to: Fans of Dark Erotic romances with BDSM content.
  • Content warning: BDSM: spanking, choking, bondage. Rape, violence, 
  • Reviewed: 8th April 2016
  • Summary: 5*’s. Unforgettable. Officially one of my favourite DR’s. 

Before i go on i have to share this quote (more quotes at the end of review):

“Scriabin,” I sob… 

Doesn’t look like much, does it? Well i’m challenging you to reach this line within the story and be unaffected by it. Even writing it fills me with such sadness.

You’ll see.

Okay, the review. First of all, the playlist mentioned in this story is fab: Guns & Roses, Metallica etc Yummyness to accompany a whole bunch of yummyness. You’ve probably seen me raving about this all over Twitter & GR’s. I finished reading it yesterday, the night before i’d put it down at 4:15 am and woke up sneaking moments throughout the day to keep reading -i just found it that good.

e75738c63837c35d1e25e3253edde043.jpgDark Notes is intense from start to finish, the sexual tension bleeds off the pages in gallons and the characters are just mesmerising.

I’m impressed with it all, but i love how believable the Dom/ sub dynamic was written and how the characters were developed. Sexual scene’s aren’t forced, they’re crucial to the relationship and plot development. And damn fucking hot! If spanking, choking or being restrained turn you off you may disagree.

Speaking of turn-off’s, the Teacher/ student dynamic isn’t so taboo if that is a concern for you: she’s 17 and very mature thanks to her background and he’s mid-twenties.

Due to the story being told from a duel POV, you get to be inside the heads of Emeric and Ivory, and what a place to be. They’re both troubled in their own way: Emeric (an amazingly written alpha-Dom btw!) has been betrayed by a previous love interest which damaged his career. And Ivory, well the talented pianist has basically been tortured since her father passed away. The only thing she holds onto is the dream of graduating Le Moyne Academy so she can attend Leopold and be taught by the best of the best. She’ll do anything to make sure it happens, ironically becoming ass-deep in situations that can sabotage that aim. I’m not just talking about the naughty liaison with a teacher.

95e7b65186a4ead19d56e8b47300a392.jpgHarrowing things have happened to Ivory and still continue to do so. It’s shaped her into a young woman who doesn’t know the value of herself, love and meaningful sex.

Cue Emeric. He is her knight-in-shining-safe space. It isn’t just the discipline/ teachings Ivory needs, but the patient reassurance of her value. This doesn’t mean she’s a beaten down character, she’s feisty and remarkably resilient, but in a believable way.

I’m trying to keep my reviews short now and it’s just as well because i’m stumped guys. My head is reeling. No doubt this will be edited after a few days with additional thoughts. I’ll tweet it (@RoseHartBlog)

I hadn’t read anything by Godwin before, i hadn’t even seen her name & i don’t know why since i’m a sucker for this genre. I’m so glad that’s changed because she is seriously talented, Dark Notes is brilliant.

lips.gif Quotes lips.gif

💋She’s exactly the kind of woman I’m drawn to. A woman who flees when hunted and comes alive when she’s caught.

💋It’s universally known that the more forbidden something is, the more desirable it becomes. I feel this truth like a fist around my balls as I enter my classroom after lunch and find the forbidden object of my desire waiting for me.

💋She blinks up at me, eyes unfocused, and grooves crease her forehead. “Where did you go, gorgeous girl?” (LOVED this)

💋“Get out of your head.” He rotates his thumb and trails his tongue across my pliable lips. “Let it all go.”

💋Sex doesn’t have to conform to society’s standards to be sane. It doesn’t have to be slow and tender to be safe. And it doesn’t have to be free of leather cuffs to be consensual.

💋Her back bows over the kitchen island, our empty plates rattling with the thrust of my hand. Two orgasms later, she stumbles into the living room to work on her homework, argument forgotten.

💋I will gladly go to exhaustion waiting for him. Waiting for his discipline. Waiting for his affection. Waiting for the unknown.

💋I want you naked, sitting at my piano and rolling your hips like you’re fucking the notes.

💋The jerk of his cock against my lips rushes wet heat to my core. His pleasure is my pleasure.

💋With my arms and legs hooked around him, I cling to the pillar of his torso. This brutal man is my home. His hell is my heaven. I’m his Ivory, and he’s my darkest note.

💋His tongue fucks my mouth the way his cock fills my pussy. Deeply, urgently, and completely unrestrained.


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