The Coffee Morning Club

I have the pleasure of sharing a snippet with you today from The Coffee Morning Club by J.Beauclerc. I hope you enjoy!

28960500.jpgThe Coffee Morning Club by J. Beauclerc is a contemporary romance about keeping the romance alive.

After thirteen years of marriage Carole found her sex life with Matt was boring. So she started writing sexy bedtime stories for adults. But was it too late for Carole and Matt?

Go on the journey with Carole and her Coffee Morning Club as they put the sizzle into sex.

Content Notes: Hot, GLBT, Short FF Scene, Contemporary, Adult Fairy Tales

“How did your wife put it?” Tatiana sipped her drink. “She’s tired of doing the sex thing his way. I guess that means you.”

“She wrote that?”

Matt realized he had never read any of his wife’s articles. What the hell is Carole writing?

“It’s understandable that a wife gets bored, men do too. I used to give my husband so many blowjobs that he got used to them.”

Matt thought maybe Tatiana was joking. He knew he should stop the conversation. Carole wouldn’t like it.

“I always made sure he got what he wanted in bed which even meant a threesome once with a model from his firm.”

Tatiana swiveled her cocktail glass, a sly smile on her face.

“It was a lot of fun. A lot of naked breasts. Here.” She handed Matt another Cosmopolitan, which he drank back in one gulp.

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