Sexy Snippet Sunday #3


To take part: 

  1. Grab the book you’re reading and choose a sexy snippet to share (line or paragraph) It can also be from something you’ve previously read & want to share. 
  2. Copy the Meme button (pic) and share within a new post on your blog that links back here. 
  3. Follow participants and comment where you can about their Snippets.
  4. Comment on this post with your linky’s so we can come & visit you.
  5. Have as much fun with it as possible!

(OR share it with me on Twitter where i’ll RT: @RoseHartBlog)

Your SS can be anything you regard as sexy: x-rated or not. I thought this would be a fun idea to share books we’d either read too, or newbies for the TBR pile!

My SS:I usually have two books on the go, one on the Kindle app on my phone for when i’m out & about, the other a paperback for around the house. My SS comes from the paperback: A Kiss of Shadows by Laurell K Hamilton. This is the first book in the Merry Gentry series which i started whilst i wait for the next instalment of the Anita Blake series.

‘I’m going to make you writhe, my princess, and i want to watch your body while i do it’ – Doyle

‘His grip on my thighs had passed the point of pleasure and become simply pain, but that, too, under the right set of circumstances, was a kind of pleasure.’ -Meredith


I’m looking forward to reading your SS’s, remember to comment with your links. Have a sexy week!💋


(Click book images to be directed)



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