Dark Erotica, you say?

Okay, so i’ve came across a few people mentioning across the Social-Media-Sphere that they’re looking for more Dark Erotica to read. Well, me too! So firstly i’d like to ask if anyone has any recommendations? If so, please Tweet me at: @RoseHartBlog or drop a comment in the box below.

Secondly, i’ll share from the top of my head some of the Dark reads that have stuck with me, probably editing in the future. (Click book covers to be taken directly to the book).

Here goes:

Fans of Master/ slave dynamic reads will most likely love this. I took a star off this (on GR) because a few of uncomfortable scenes, but changed it to five stars when i re-read it later. Perhaps my senses to harsh fictional scenarios dulls with each shocking read?

I remember looking to my husband countless times throughout reading this with all kinds of expressions. Don’t you hate that? when you have a moment whilst reading and you want to just talk/ rant/ cry about something written but the person you’re sat with just doesn’t understand? I do! Anyway, the twists & turns were fantastic, my reaction was bigger at the end of this book…

Break Her is a book i read, wrote a few words to review & just didn’t go back to it. I won’t pick this book up to read again, which is exactly why i’m recommending & mentioning it.😉

This shit manipulates your emotions so much that you’ll be exhausted by the time you read the final word. There’s been a lot of whispers that it romanticises human trafficking, but as i say with all Dark Erotica – IT’S FICTION! You’re not going to run into a train station wall because going to Hogwarts sounds fantastic, are you? Well you might, but wear a helmet. Back to topic: Alternating POV’s, graphic violence & dubious consent etc I recommend if you want your world shook-up a bit.

I stand by the words my review begins with: ‘Wow, well holy shit.’ (Excuse the typo’s in the review, i’ll amend them another time). The character’s are absorbing and the sex scenes -wow. But man, the ending? Sheesh. One of my favourites. No BDSM. 

Kitty Thomas – infamous with her deliciously, addictive dark fiction. My journey with Dark Erotica stemmed from reading The Last Girl (review also in the archive) a long time ago. Can i just say i love the cover! I was completely captivated by her work from there-on-out, the titles above are just some examples. Although Big Sky isn’t one of her best, some of the content has still stuck with me. Comfort Food is just fantastic (& has disturbed my view of chicken soup!)

Giving It Up isn’t on the same level as the books above or Skye Warren in terms of its darkness. But i’ll mention it anyway as another book that has stuck with me due to some questionable moments shaking the emotions up a bit. I wrote a review back when i read it (on my previous blog) and remember stating that it reminded me of the movie Black Snake Moan (the one with Christina Ricci & Samuel L Jackson – look it up, it’s great!) The driving force behind the protagonist’s actions is fuelled by a not-so-nice past experience…

Well, that’s my picks for-now! I’ll post if i add anymore. If you have any recommendations or write Dark Erotica yourself, please get in touch!


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