The Con Artist by Kitty Thomas

28589999.jpgNew release alert! 🎉

Saskia Roth is the stereotypical starving artist. She’s failed as an original artist. She’s failing as a reproduction artist. So why not try con artist?

A local art collector and tech tycoon with far too much money for his own good has taken Saskia’s bait. She’s promised to steal a nude he covets from a private collector, but plans to substitute her own forgery instead.

But which one of them is really the mark?

Tags: Dark, erotica

I’m always excited when Kitty Thomas releases a new book, they’re all delightfully dark & addictive. I didn’t know until an email came through that The Con Artist was actually available from Jan 16th 2016! I’ve been struggling to really get into a book lately, not to say the ones i’ve picked up are crap, i just have to be in the mood for a certain thing… idk. Sometimes i start a book and leave it for weeks or months, go back to it and fall in love! It all depends. Since i have to wait for a while for the next book in the Anita Blake series by Laurell K Hamilton, i’ve just been re-reading the from the start & i have Outlander by Diana Gabaldon due in the post any day now. I know, i know, the Outlander series is incredibly popular & i’m really late in giving it a go, but like i said, i have to be in the mood.

Now there is this to look forward to, too!


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