Sexy Snippet Sunday #2


To take part: 

  1. Grab the book you’re reading (or have read) and choose a sexy snippet to share 
  2. Copy the Meme button (pic) and share within a new post on your blog that links back here. 
  3. Follow participants and comment where you can about their Snippets.
  4. Comment on this post with your linkys so i can come & visit you.
  5. Have as much fun with it as possible!

(OR share it with me on Twitter where i’ll RT: @RoseHartBlog)

Now it can be anything you regard as sexy, x-rated or not. Or hec, cheesy-sexy which made you LOL! I thought this would be a fun idea to share books we’d either read too, or newbies for the TBR pile!

My SS :My two (only has to be one) Snippets come from Thoughtless by S.C Stephens. I plucked this book from my shelves to share a snippet from a scene that i remember well. It’s a great, intense and passionate story and definitely recommended.

‘Clutching my upper thighs, he effortlessly picked me up and we backed into the dark stand.’

‘He exhaled heavily and, raking his eyes up and down my body in a way that made me shiver, he ran a palm down my neck, down my chest and down to my waist; my skin burned pleasurably wherever he touched me.’

I’m looking forward to reading your SS’s, remember to comment with your links. Have a sexy week!💋


(Click book images to be directed)


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