📕Secretary – Alexis Blake


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  • Published: 6th January 2015
  • Reviewed: 22nd September 2015
  • Tags: Novella | Erotic Romance | Boss/Secretary
  • Series | Standalone
  • Recommended to: Those wanting quick sexy read in-between novels
  • Avoid if: Annoyed by Boss/secretary cliche, some typo’s
  • Overall Rating: ⭐️⭐️/⭐️  A short sexy read, predictable & perhaps forgettable. Update: knocked a star off on Goodreads, it’s down to a two.


After being at her job and in the same position (assistant to the training & developing manager) for two years, Clara is suddenly whisked up to the glamorous top floor of the Insurance Company’s building to be assistant to the alluring executive, James Carter. Sexual tension begins to build and it’s not long before Clara is fantasising about James.

I liked Clara, she was hard-working, ambitious and polite, but after a sex scene (the only one in this short read), i wanted to shake her.

In such a short story the character’s stood out enough, they obviously didn’t have much time to be developed with back stories etc, but what was there worked. Whether they’ll be memorable is questionable though.

The sexual chemistry between Clara & James was okay-slash-good. It’s vamped up with 16293344.gifthe discovery of the spanking paddle, but to those not interested in even light spanks? i don’t think that part will do much for you. It may also be because within that scene they are closer and interact more.

I think the plot is a little cliche, but then why mess with ingredients that prove to work time and time again? It’s a short, sexy read that i’d recommend reading with a light heart. I would read a full length novel with these characters, i think Clara has the potential to develop into a firecracker given the glimpse we get here in Secretary. But another quick read? Probably, if it’s free on Amazon.




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