📕I See You


  • Author: Ker Dukey & D.H. Sidebottom
  • Published: July 15th 2015
  • Reviewed: September 17th 2015
  • Tags: Dark | Suspense | Mystery
  • Series | Standalone
  • Recommended to: Fans of dark erotic thrillers with a twist, fans of Kitty Thomas, Skye Warren, B.G. Harlen, C.J Roberts
  • Content Warning: Severe violence & brutality | Captivity | No BDSM
  • Overall Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A dark read that will stay with you long after you’ve read the last shocking word.

Wow, well holy shit.

I’ve read a lot of dark stuff and this rates high on the shock-factor scale, no joke. I have to tread carefully with my thoughts on this though, because if i let free any hint of a spoiler (that some may not even realise) it really would ruin the effect this story would have on a reader. I think if you’re debating reading I See You, don’t dig into more reviews just incase there are spoilers, just give it a go if you’re a fan of dark reads and before you know too many details.

We’re introduced to a frightening character straight away, and his victim, as he emphasises just how magical capturing someone’s last breath is. Click, click. He snaps away with his camera as though a tourist in Disneyland. The mood is immediately set with great dialog and atmosphere!

“I’m not the only predator out here in the shadows – i’m just the most dangerous one.”

The background of this sickening character is tragic and so the sadness you feel for him can’t help float to the surface. You should hate him, and you do, but still; there are tumblr_myw99sTW2w1su1hreo1_500.gifmoments of sympathy. I found myself routing for him at first, this misguided, hunk of a brutal character and his ‘new beginning’. How utterly stupid.

Devon was taught by his father “be the aggressor or the victim” as he was dragged up in a world where abducting and abusing women in their basement was the norm. Devon’s job was always to document it via his camera, he was both good at it and addicted to it.

Tragedy (or karma?) strikes and Devon and Noah (his frightening older brother) continue the work without their father of torturing women, or whatever a client wants, for a decent payout. The more brutal the job, the more Noah enjoyed himself. When their next client wants Nina brutally tortured, Devon battles with himself like never before as he falls for the barmaid.

You know, it’s a scary read, but it’s made all the more terrifying when you can’t help but imagine a scenario of some random people deciding on an innocent’s gruesome fate the way these brothers do!

At first it’s Devon’s voice that’s so vivid, haunting. But in fear Nina’s voice overshadows everything. Her feelings, her fall into self-isolation: it’s consuming and saddening because you’re right there with her.

“Nina is gone, and the girl that remains in her place is a living corpse that holds the previous owners eyes.” – Nina

And the voice of Noah? giphy.gifShivers…

These points emphasise just how good this story is written and put together. The characters are well developed, one in particular. It’s just so well rounded with a fantastic conclusion and steamy sex scenes! (Beware of the content warning at the top of this review though.)

Now, the book cover? I personally think it’s not entirely eye-catching, but some do think otherwise, it’s just personal preference really isn’t it (i’m picky when it comes to covers!) It does, however, capture the message.

Overall i thought this was a great read, i’d definitely recommend it to those interested in dark thrillers. I’m not sure i’d read it again though unless i need a shake up after some timid reads, but some (scary) scenes are burned in my memory; the sooner they fuck off the better.


Update: If you enjoyed this, I recommend Whispers and the ROARS by K.Webster, and the Dark Hearts series by Cari Silverwood

Also by this author (click images to be directed)


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