📕The Last Girl



  • Author: Kitty Thomas
  • Published: February 14th 2012
  • Reviewed: March 15th 2012
  • Tags: Dark | Paranormal | Captivity | BDSM | M/s | Vampires
  • Series | Standalone
  • Recommended to: Fans of Dark paranormal BDSM books
  • Content Warning: BDSM | D/s & M/s dynamic | Blood play | Captivity/ kidnap | Blood play | Menage | Exhibitionism
  • Overall Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  The Last Girl is a dark tale more than capable of messing with your mind. Prepare to fall in love with a psychotic, yet loveable, hero (i use the hero label loosely). One not to miss.

Read for Dark Mind Book Tours (2012), i didn’t know what to expect with The Last Girl. I hadn’t read any of Kitty’s books before, but noticed a lot of comments about her work being very dark and more than capable of messing with your mind. Now that I’ve read The Last Girl, I completely agree. I have never been out of my comfort zone to this extent before, yet I remained utterly entranced and unable to stop reading. It floored me.

The story: Home alone, thirteen year old Juliette encounters a terrifying situation when her house is broken into. She hides, as the robbers aim to retrieve something important, yet is eventually found. Her eyes remain closed and because of this, the mysterious man leaves her be, only to catch up with her at a later date…

The darkness scares Juliette, blindfolded by her boyfriend Devon, she’s led to a secret location. All the while she’s freaking out due to the nightmares she’s had about the mysterious man who visited her that night back when. The nightmare becomes reality when the blindfold is removed and the man in question stands before her unwilling to let her go. His name is Christian and he’s a vampire.

Kidnapped and no longer known as Juilette, but ‘Pet’, she’s thrown into a world where her diet changes in order to taste better to her kidnapper, her virginity is taken over and over again and the world outside is nothing but a mere memory to her.

Christian is an old-school vampire, meaning he really is the villain here, not some sparkly do-gooder. Controlling and sadistic; he’s an outright menace too. But Christian is upfront about this from the get-go, he states to Juliette that he is “not a human, but a predator and that she should expect to die, it’s just a matter of time.”
For me, his character was one of those that you love to hate. I was confused at times because I really should have hated him the entire time, but I didn’t and actually found myself feeling sorry for him!
Juliette is the narrator, and what a voice she has. As a reader you can’t help be captivated by her words as her journey plays out. The character development here is spot on, from a young teen, to a hormonal teenager, to a young woman trying to understand a situation and ‘person’ as she’s supposed to become over time. Plus experiencing what i can only put down as some sort of Stockholm Syndrome. Or is it?
You experience her fears, confusion, excitement, her everything. Juilette’s personality and reactions are completely believable and sometimes adorable.

The Last Girl is wrong on so many levels and oh-so-scary given the brutality. But that’s why i loved it. I think to hate it would be to not understand it, or what Kitty has done. There’s always that feeling that you should dislike something like this due to it’s extreme content or when it’s ‘socially not acceptable’ or whether it has you feeling uncomfortable. To me, if it’s shocking, it’s a winner. Alas, that’s my personal opinion. Kitty Thomas isn’t afraid to push the boundaries on what’s acceptable in fiction and more often than not she’ll mention that some of her writing isn’t intended to be looked upon as a romance.

There were times I genuinely read with hands-over-my-face-yet-peeking-through-my-fingers. Still, I just couldn’t stop reading. It’s psychologically disturbing but very, very clever. The author has such a talent for captivating you and dragging out an array of emotions with her every word. The distinct characters have such a clear voice and the atmosphere remains hauntingly dark throughout.

Respect where respect is due, Kitty Thomas is a fantastic dark-erotica writer.

Would I read this type of book again? Absolutely. It’s good to shake things up a bit in the fiction world. Even though i know the outcome, i’d read it again to remind me of the books i want to pull me out of my comfort zone. In all honesty, since reading this book, i’m finding it hard to find a novel to grasp me as thoroughly as this did. Nothing compares.

I have to mention the cover too. It’s beautiful! But don’t let it fool you into expecting hearts and flowers.

Update Sept 2015:

This was one of the first Dark Erotica reads i’d read. It’s because of this that i fell in love with the genre and Kitty Thomas’ work. Whether it’s because of that significance or not, after all the books in the genre i’ve read now, The Last Girl remains a fave.

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