• by Renee Rose
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  • Published: May 5th 2012 by Blushing Books
  • Tags: Historical, Erotic, Bdsm, Spanking, Romance
  • Recommended to: Fans of D/s tales, Historical romances, spanking stories and strongly-written heroes. If you enjoy erotica romances but have never read one containing spanking scenes, this would be a good read to introduce you to such content.
  • Content warning: BDSM D/s dynamic (Dominant/submissive), spanking, ass play, Nothing too hardcore or taboo. 
  • Reviewed: June 03, 2012
  • Summary: Loved the characters, loved the plot. It’s just a great romance to settle down reading with a glass of wine. 
  • My thoughts: 

Pozing as a boy named Jake, eighteen year old Lady Julia is on the run after the King announces she is to marry the Duke of Pembridge

Julia has never met the Duke, but knows he is responsible for the deaths of her father and brothers. This means she is to be nothing but a ‘war prize’ so the Duke can claim the rights to their property… 
On her travels she encounters a run in with Bronson, the Earl of Montmore, when she is attacked. Though defending herself and able to fight off the offender, Bronson still feels the need to intervene, more so when he has the sneaking suspicion that the young boy, Jake, is in fact a girl.
Overwhelmed with the need to protect the girl (which is a theme palpable throughout, & lets face it -we love an occasional damsel), he questions her on the motivation behind her travelling alone, though keeping up the pretence that he believes she’s a boy. Jake announces he’s the former page to the Duke of Pembridge and this only confirms Bronson’s suspicions as he is the Duke -it’s his second title. 
Preferring the ‘girl’ travels alongside him, Bronson takes ‘Jake’ on as his new page, revealing to her later that he knows her real gender, but will keep it a secret.
She doesn’t share her real identity and neither does he, thinking to tease her later about the lie she made.  

There are no spoilers above, just a quick summary to how Julia and Bronson meet. Which happens in the first chapter. I loved how we’re thrown into the predicament the characters face almost straight away, it lends to the pace and excitement of the story and only stalls a little later towards the ending. 

The twist finds Julia seen by Bronson as betrothed to another, while Bronston is seen by her as only the Earl of Montmore…
He has no idea it’s him she’s running from, and neither does she.

The chemistry between the two is written brilliantly and both characters were instantly appealing and likeable. Their relationship has a D/s dynamic from the get-go, Julia being naturally submissive and responsive towards the fair Bronson and his strong-willed nature, while Bronson remains the convincing alpha male. He is strong and self-assured when thinking he knows what’s best, yet humble enough to admit when he is wrong. His nurturing side is evident as his protectiveness over Julia remains his main focus from the very beginning. The twist where both characters head for disaster, just because of ‘harmless’ lies they’ve told, has you wondering what their reactions are going to be, I really enjoyed how it played out.

Oh! I really loved the character Matthias too, Bronson’s other page. He was a necessary addition to the plot, giving Julia an opportunity to show her vulnerability and strength, plus showing just how much Bronson is respected amongst his men.

The story itself could have been a bit longer, but it was a great taster of Renee’s writing, so I look forward to more of her work. I’ve written in the tags BDSM and spanking but for those expecting full-on/ hardcore scenes occurring all the time, they’re not here. Betrothed is very much an erotic romance, a sweet tale with spankings woven tastefully throughout.

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