📕Maid for Pleasure


  • Author: Lucy Rodgers
  • Published: May 14th 2012
  • Reviewed: June 20th 2012
  • Tags: Novella| Dark Erotica | BDSM | M/s | Contemporary
  • Series | Standalone: Maid For It #2
  • Recommended to: Fans of Master/ slave, BDSM reads.
  • Content Warning: M/s | Bondage, Spanking | Caning | Kidnapping/ captivity | Collaring | f/f | m/f | Menage
  • Overall Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Liked, not loved.

Successful Libby works in insurance and earns a pretty penny, in fact, she has everything one would hope to have, including a well-rounded boyfriend.
Unfortunately she’s unable to divulge her fantasies to him and so after calling it off, she seeks fulfilment by joining Maid For It, an online dating agency specifically for those in the BDSM lifestyle.

It’s not long before Libby is matched with Gavin, a very wealthy entrepreneur living on his own island. After talking online for a while, it’s decided she be flown over. Nothing can go wrong, can it? Maid For It require men to pay a large bond as an assurance that the women in the arrangements won’t be harmed. So this reassures Libby and off she goes with the intention of only staying for two weeks before saying her safeword, which, declared in the contract, means their time is over and Gavin is to release her.

Is two weeks long enough for Libby to show her submissive side and surrender herself completely? Will there be enough time for Libby to explore all the things she’s fantasied about? Will Gavin actually allow her to leave once he finds out her intentions?

Written from Libby’s POV, this saucy novella has an air of danger and anticipation. From the moment you read about her in the airport, you know this may, perhaps, be such a careless move she’s made and quite a gamble. Her train of thought really sucks you into her shoes, so you feel the nerves and most of all the excitement she experiences.
Gavin’s house, built into the cliff and with its glass windows, sounded beautiful! And Libby’s response to it was actually quite funny!

As for the characters themselves, well, Libby I liked instantly, with Gavin it took a little longer. You felt Libby’s nerves and excitement as she felt them, so the minute she meets Gavin for the first time and he remains silent and stoic, you do think what a punk, reassure her in some way! Of course he does begin to slowly unravel as a Master who knows what he’s doing and is able to read Libby, perhaps better than she can read herself. Or at least admit it to herself. On the other hand, little bits of his softer side occasionally shone through amongst his alpha side, but in cheeky ways and it never jeopardized the confidence of control he portrayed.
Another character worthy of a mention is Libby’s mother.
Though she didn’t have much ‘page/dialogue’ time, she remained a strong character that stood out by being referred to by Libby quite a lot. She was the main reason Libby fought her submissive nature and saw it as too taboo.
The scenes leading up to the ending saw her finally interacting face to face with Libby, though in an unwarranted situation which was serious, yet I couldn’t help find slightly comedic at one point. She is a woman willing to protect her daughter, by any means necessary. But she’s still the villain in how she goes about it, what she denies Libby and how she aids in creating a traumatic experience for her.

Speaking of the ending, I really thought how it played out was great and it made me like Gavin’s character all the more. I’d love to read a full-length novel featuring these two and the rest of the residents on Gavin’s island too actually.
Their chemistry was evident, but it was the bond and trust that seemed to be highlighted more, especially during the steamy sex scenes. When Libby was blindfolded amongst a room full of people about to get it on, she recognised Gavin’s touch, his kiss, him. Believable for the short amount of time they’ve known each other? I guess, yeah.
The sex scenes in general were hot (see content warning for some of the things included) and described tactfully. One scene did shock me amongst the goings-on even though it wasn’t even the most taboo of things. I guess because I wasn’t expecting it.

Negative points to Maid For Pleasure? Well, I don’t have any negative points as such, just questions regarding Libby’s mental state lol. No I don’t think she’s crazy!
But…What about the psychological aspect to submitting to Gavin sexually, after a year’s vanilla relationship and the fact it is her first time receiving punishment, or involved with kinks etc. She experienced subspace for the first time after ‘playing’, but there wasn’t a sub-drop as such.
Surely there should have been one of some kind, some time after play? A feeling of being overwhelmed: if not because it’s new, but because she’s found what she’s looking for? The shame or guilt or the elation? Of course not everyone may have a sub-drop, I just wondered because it was a lot for Libby’s character to take on mentally.

Because of those points, it’s too short, a few typos and i think it’s forgettable: i’ve knocked some stars off.



“If there’s one thing I know about BDSM, it’s that consent is king. The second the sub withdraws consent, the game ends.” -Libby

“Being submissive isn’t something you choose. It’s like having red hair or blue eyes. No one made you this way, and no one can unmake you. You just are. Sure, you could dye your hair blonde or wear brown contact lenses, but underneath, your hair would be just as red and your eyes just as blue. And you could leave this island and never have a D/s relationship in your life, but it won’t make you any less submissive, and you can be damned sure it won’t make you happy.” -Gavin

“For once in my life, I’m doing what I want, not what people expect of me.” -Libby


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