💋Blogging books

a1e5c2d8b555e7afe1f1d19cb70adee3I’m back after some time away, In fact, i blogged book reviews and cute/ entertaining Meme’s so often that it almost became a full time job. The thing is, i began my last blog for fun, because i loved books, but it eventually became a chore: i started to stress about posts/ deadlines i had to make instead of being the excited nerdy female i’d started out as, dying to share the scoop on a book i’d fallen in love with or a character i just had to shout about. I wanted to meet like-minded people and talk books. I did that, but because i deleted my blog on a whim I lost contacts from the blog world 😢. It’s unfortunate, but i’m still into the same genre’s so no doubt we’ll cross paths again. So here’s the low-down on this blog. (Also, see the brief ‘About’ page)I’ll only be partaking in blog meme’s sporadically. I’ll be writing reviews when i like, to no time line, if at all. I may post 7 times a week, i may post once! It all depends. I won’t be accepting books/ ARC’s to review (unless you’re on my shithot-author’s-that-i-can’t-get-enough-of list which is only because i’ll be devouring your books anyway and they’ll already be on preorder!) & i’ll no doubt post some sexy images.

Which brings me to my warning.🔞

This blog won’t be for minors. Honestly, if you’re a minor, leave, click off asap! I don’t want to be the reason your eyeballs burn or you discover the reason floggers are praised for the amazing sexual tools they can be. If you’re curious, i can’t teach you, i can only scare and scar you & i consider myself a -somewhat- nice person so i don’t want to do that.

All topics covered, that’s what rosehartblog.wordpress.com will be all about. That, and i’ll be including my own fictional writing too at some point.

This’ll be my haven folks, nice to meet you in advance.



2 thoughts on “💋Blogging books

  1. So good to see you again around the blogosphere, Rose! 😀
    Don’t stress much, discover the pleasure of blogging again and tease everyone with your posts and future fictional writing! 😉 You go, girl!!


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