📕 Review: Commander in Briefs

“Commander in Briefs is a novel that accomplishes so much more than a typical romance. The first lines lured me in, the story held me hostage, and the characters stole my heart.” 
– Jessica, Chatterbooks Book Blog
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Commander in Briefs
by Kristy Marie
Publication Date : December 5, 2017
Cover Designer: Letitia Hasser, RBA
Genre: Contemporary Romance 


Fifteen years ago, I saw him
Seven years ago, I begged him.

Locked in a twisted game of friends, I gave Theo Von Bremen everything.
We were reckless.
We were dangerous.
We were crazy in love.

Until he came along.

Cade breathed fire into my soul, forever changing my direction
He was my salvation.
I was his redemption.
He became my mission.

I became his Commander.

But where does that leave Theo?
Exactly where I want him.

On his knees.


A self-proclaimed reader enthusiast, I started this journey back in 2009, reading and writing when my daughter was napping. I read everything I could get my hands on, finding my passion among romance authors. Establishing my place in Corporate America (because something had to pay the bills), writing became my dirty, late-night secret as opposed to my career.

After eight long years, I am days away from releasing my debut novel, Commander in Briefs. I hope you enjoy Anniston and Theo’s story. It was a long road with these guys, but I can honestly say, the road less traveled had the most beautiful sights.

Cade’s story is scheduled to release summer of 2018.

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  • Author: Kristy Marie
  • Series/ Standalone 
  • Published: December, 5th 2017
  • Purchase: Amazon  (£0.99)
  • Reviewed: December, 5th 2017
  • Tags: Debut novelRomance | Contemporary | Sports | Military | Health
  • Recommended to: Mature readersFans of raunchy romances
  • Content warning: (Vanilla) Sex. Nothing taboo.
  • Overall Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Note after the last page: Aww. A Romance wrapped up with a bow.

This was a great debut novel from Kristy Marie! I adored the characters, especially Anniston. She’s feisty, funny, kind-hearted, and more, yet she isn’t written without flaws which always makes a character relatable/ likable.

“How ’bout you go fetch that, Michaels? I’ll fucking sign it for you.”

– Anniston

The bond between her and her best friend Theo was believable and damn was there some crazy heat between them! If they weren’t clawing at each other, their witty dialogue led to some ‘LOL’ moments.

“You’ll never fuck another man.” – Theo

“I’ll bury a bitch that looks at you with more than a glare.” 🤣 – Anniston

Then there’s Cade, the half-dead, homeless veteran she stumbles across… You guys, the topic of the military, any mistreatment, PTSD, etc is going to tear at my heart, completely. And this did. It also made me adore Anniston’s character and want to dive inside the pages of the story and wrap cotton wool around Cade and the gang that follows a little later.

I did want the trio (Cade, Theo, and Anniston) to delve into Poly territory. As the plot developed though, I realized that maybe it wouldn’t have fit with Theo’s character, Anniston yes, maybe even Cade. My exact note was: ‘51% – slightly disappointed cade’s off the menu.’ Lol. So if you’re going into this thinking that’s going to happen, this is your heads-up.

The plot delivers a steady stream of hot, heartbreaking, funny, and intense scenes, which builds to a dramatic showdown that could make or break Anniston’s world. There isn’t just the conflict between the two men that love Anniston, there’s a peek at the danger surrounding a sex trafficking ring. More pointedly, the type of person a part of that world. Translated: Asshole.

I haven’t been able to get into a book of late. This helped, I plowed through it and enjoyed every second. I’ll be keeping an eye out for future releases from Kristy Marie’s. Recommended.


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😻 #CoverReveal: Commander in Briefs


Commander in Briefs
by Kristy Marie
Publication Date : December 5, 2017
Cover Designer: Letitia Hasser, RBA
Cover Model: Eric Ambrose
Photographer: Ross Jordan
Genre: Contemporary Romance 

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So my brief hiatus from blogging has come to an end. It really hasn’t been that long, but it feels like it!

October 4th, I tweeted that life was tenor.gifkicking my ass with a cute dragon GIF chasing its tail. You guys… I was burning out. I shouldn’t have dismissed a simple cold and kept pushing on and on. I had a ridiculous workload, children, visitors, and a whole bunch of other stuff going on. My cold turned into something that bedded me down for what felt like forever. I haven’t read a thing! Nor wrote/ edited. I didn’t even listen to an audible book. Just music.

So I’ve rested, reset, rebooted. And I’m picking up a book tonight.

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August & September Book Haul!



I waited to share my monthly hauls so I could do August & September together. Oct, Nov, Dec won’t include many books because I usually go on the hunt for special editions or signed copies of my favourites (Or gifts). I’ll also be rereading novels I already have during those months.

Well, I mean I say that now but I’m a complete book whore, it’s addictive to buy new books. It’s a problem. A happy one. And my TBR list is astronomical…

Anyway, here’s a list of those I’ve bought. ARC’s etc are shared in a photograph, (you’ll probably recognise which one). I don’t accept them usually. Kneel by Dani René is included but I won that motherfucker, & I’m still excited about it even after reading it because I never win Giveaways! Yay! I can’t wait to read the next book in the series. I really hope Carrick has the leading role.

Here goes:

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Have you read any of these? If you have, which is your favourite? Or, is there a book you recommend? Share here or on Twitter. 

By the way, I mostly buy my books from Book Depository, mainly because they have free delivery (& beautiful bookmarks that come with every book) and my wishlists are more organised on there lol. But some of the books have come from Amazon & WH Smiths, too.

I hope you’ve had an amazing weekend!


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